References in project developments


Avex Green Partners is your reliable partner, commited to provide excellent performance, based on a long experience in the proposed scope of services. Avex has been involved in projects and decisions for 12,5 billions of Euros, and 14.500 MWs of Renewable Energy, with a higher specilization in wind. The previous experience of the Management Team increases such figures to 37 billions of Euros and 35.000 MWs.


More than 260 installations and projects in 25 countries in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa have already been served by Avex. Our partners previous experience widens such figures to 700 installations in 40 countries.



Avex Green Partners brings significant experience of thousands of MWs in each of the areas of expertise.


In particular we provide:

- the ability to grow management team services from a seed stage, by being a key piece in the origination of two of the largest renewable developers in Iberia, with pipelines exceeding 20 GWs  

- one of the highest records worldwide in the the negotiation of wind turbines, exceeding 15 GWs with most of the suppliers, including 25 frame agreements.



Avex Green Partners has worked throughout the whole value chain in the renewable business. In the operations area, our mangenement team expertise spreads to the rest of the energy&oil sector, including large hydro, nuclear, gas&coal power, T&D or oil&gas. There is also outstanding experience in off-shore, indirect spend,logistics or O&M.



Avex Green is able to help all players in the value chain of the renewables sector, with references in Financing Entities, Utilities, Renewable IPPs, EPC Contractors, OEMs..


Split of technologies

Avex Management Team expertise in mature conventional sectors is quite appreciated by our renewable customers, as a means to transfer well stablished good practices in a fast growing business 


References in Strategic and Operations advisory


The following are some of our outstanding experiences in strategic and operations strategy:




Selected Avex Green references:


Strategy for the OM post-warranty market of wind farms for a Global ESCO


Step-in BOP construction of wind farms for a mid-size ESCO, through crossed agreements with a global turbine supplier, achieving sales for 300 MWs


Improvement of financial models for investment decisions of a mid size developer


Advisory in >2 GWs of renewable energy auctions


Additional Management Team experience:


Acquisition of development rights for +150 MWs through purchasing of wind turbines to 3 global OEMs


Support to the IPO of a Top 5 global Wind developer, after merging the renewable assets and restructuring several  mid size wind developers


Redesigning an epc business model to move from on-site construction to modularized prefabrication on yards located overseas in low cost countries


Transformation of an oil&gas contractor to move from an engineering services company into a global turnkey EPC player



Selected Avex Green references:


Transformation of the purchasing function of a Top 5 European utility (€4b/yr budget), to deliver through focus projects and business plans


Cost reduction program of global wind turbines manufacturer, throughout the whole supply chain


Sourcing for +3GWs of wtgs in two Nordic utilities reducing CoE by 25% in one of them


+1 GW contract negotiations from Latam & Spain's tenders


Additional Managament Team experience:


Transformation of the operations of a global Wind Developer to prepare for the O&M post-warranty period


Operations chapter of a winning offshore proposal (UK round 3)


15 frame agreements of wind turbines with 7 global OEMs achieving >10% reduction vs market benchmark


Bundling/unbundling sourcing campaigns for steel structure, wind farms, combined cycles, package units, O&M... with 15-40% savings


Logistics mode change for 3 million tons/yr of coal

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